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Custom built in book case with integrated desk and storage (Windham, NH)
Design was provided for the custom bookcase with integrated desk to fit around the entrance way between addition and family room. The dimensions are 13’6” x 8’. The desk top is made from Brazilian cherry to match the floor.
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Kids custom playhouse (Windham, NH)
Designed and built a 80 sq ft kids play house with a second floor U shaped loft with a single ladder. A trap door was built out the back of the house where the kids have an attached ladder. This house built to the specifications and input on the design of the homeowner.
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Complete kitchen remodel (Plaistow, NH)
Removed old kitchen down to the studs, removed flooring and replaced subfloor and secondary floor. Rewired with all new lighting and replumbed for new appliances. Then retiled and resheet rocked. Then installed new kitchen cabinets and appliances and doors.
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Convert single car garage to three car garage with attached laundry and foyer (Manchester, NH)
Demoed existing breezeway, removed all windows, and removed all floors and walls. Then we resupported existing roof ridge in the garage and breezeway area with a 32’ triple 18” LVL. Then we removed the existing parting partitions and installed new laundry and foyer partitions. All floors had to be removed to expose the correct elevation needed for the garage. Excavated existing foundations and installed new foundations where needed to support the concrete slab. Removed 8’ garage door to be replaced with a new 16’ garage door. Installed secondary roof support which was a triple 2x12 LVL. Removed preexisting concrete slab, regraded and directed floor drainage with a 4” pitch over 30’ with a front apron which is 36” full width. Poured concrete at a 4000 Psi rating with saw cuts for shrinkage. Installed new 16’ garage door with opener and completed and finished new laundry are with new foyer.
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Restoration and repair of original sills (Newton, NH)
Removed and replaced rotted sills with 6x6 PT lumber.
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Custom multi-level deck with integrated addition (Windham, NH)
Removed existing deck and found extensive rot to the rear of the house. Opened the back wall and found knee wall to be rotted as well and had to replace 60% of the load bearing wall. After removing and replacing all the rot, we resided and installed proper deck and sill connections. Next step was to build the foundation for the deck but after finding the rear of the house was backfilled with stumps we had to remove the preexisting stumps, rocks and loam. Once those where removed we laid out and installed 27 frost posts which would be the support for the two decks and addition. After frost posts where installed we backfilled with 65 yards of processed gravel. The deck was constructed with 2x12 PT lumber 12” O.C. for the need to support a hot tub for the future. All decking 1x4 duglas fir lumber, and railings where all red cedar with a 1x6 white cedar cap. The deck is two levels the lower dimension being 24’x20’ and the upper dimension being 26’x16’. The also has a built in shower on the side. The addition is 14’x16’ with 8’ ceilings with Marvin windows and doors installed. With Brazilian cherry floors.
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Second floor bedroom conversion from two rooms to one to create large master bedroom (Plaistow, NH)
Removed existing closest and bearing partitions to open up the two rooms. Due to the closet separating the two rooms being a load bearing wall we had to install a flush triple 2x12 LVL with new posting. Then we reframed a new closet, installed Brazilian cherry floors, resheet rocked and installed all new doors.

Conversion of front concrete patio to wood supported deck (Manchester, NH)
Removed preexisting handicap ramp by scribing 2x12 PT lumber to fit the contours of the preexisting concrete slab. Installed sleepers and joists, direct cemented and masonry anchored to existing deck slab. Decking supplied and installed by owner.